VyprVPN Review- Is VyprVPN Worth Your Money?

VyprVPN Review
exceptional in bypassing high internet censorship with a strict no-logs policy
With 30 devices to connect simultaneously, speedy live chat support, easy-to-configure apps, highest level security protocols, kill switch, DNS and WebRTC leak protection, and torrent support, VyprVPN offers all this at a reasonable price. A few areas it lacks behind, for instance, slow speed for streaming Netflix and Disney Plus and the inability to provide more servers. But as with every VPN service, there are always some areas to excel, and we hope VyprVPN will solve these issues soon. VyprVPN is safe to use in countries like China and Turkey. All things considered; it wins me over to give a shot with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
 Good for Torrenting
Highest level of encryption and security protocol
Easy-to-use across the platforms
 Bypass high internet censorship
Unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus
Customer service can be improved
 Speed declines massively with the distant servers
No free version

/ 10

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VyprVPN Review

Today, we have decided to give you a detailed VyprVPN Review. In this post, we have discussed its servers network, security features, privacy policy and of course, its pricing.

Okay, when we purchase a VPN service, we have certain expectations. For instance, VPN service should deliver fast speed, guard our online activity against the prying eyes, and unblock region-locked content on various streaming sites. 

Anything less than these features will fall short of our expectations from the VPN service. Additionally, nobody feels happy to pay more and receive less. Therefore, pricing is another standpoint that helps to grab the VPN service that throws the best deal on your way.

Simplifying all things, in this VyprVPN review, we’ll set things nicely for you to make an informed decision. Is VyprVPN as fast as the provider claims? Considering its security systems in place, is VyprVPN safe to use? And critically analyzing its privacy policy, is VyprVPN trustworthy? Let’s cover every little thing.

Tight on time? These eight points matter most to make a buying decision promptly:

1. Does VyprVPN unblock Netflix and other streaming services?

We ran a test on Netflix, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max. Success! VyprVPN unblocked Netflix and all other tested streaming services effortlessly. There was no delay, lag, buffering, or pixilated pictures, either.

2. Is VyprVPN VPN fast?

We conducted a speed test, and the resultant info has determined that VyprVPN reduced download and upload speed by 37% and 47%, respectively. The ping rate (the time page takes to load) increased to 41 milliseconds from the 20 milliseconds. These results are exceptional, which earn VyprVPN a slot among the top ten fastest VPN services of 2021.

Definitely, VyprVPN is pretty fast. 

3. Is VyprVPN good for torrenting?

VPN provider has taken the lead in this area as well. All of its servers and locations are optimized for P2P filesharing, and it supports torrenting on all the plats. There aren’t any bandwidth or data cap restrictions. 

In addition to this, the VPN provider doesn’t throttle the connection during torrent downloads. That means you can download torrent files of any size without a significant speed loss and from every location. On the torrenting aspect, VyprVPN has made us say ‘bravo!’

4. Is  VyprVPN safe to use?

Yes, according to the extensive research performed by our team, VyprVPN is completely safe to use. Based in a privacy-friendly country, the VPN doesn’t log your personal details. There is no major scandal or data breach that we have come across yet, and VyprVPN hasn’t let its users down so far.

We found no DNS and WebRTC leaking using VyprVPN. It passed both the tests with flying colors. The only thing that gives the chill is its kill switch feature that sometimes doesn’t work for its Windows client. 

5. Is VyprVPN good for gaming?

Good news for gaming enthusiasts. VyprVPN is fast enough to play online games without lag. Performance doesn’t decline even with the distant servers, and there is no bandwidth throttling. VPN service encrypts the gaming data efficiently. 

Decreased latency maximizes performance, and service quickly changes the location to vanquish the DDoS attack while playing a game (if needed). You can connect to servers in 70+ locations and play your favorite game without geographically placed restrictions.

6. How much does VyprVPN VPN cost?

VyprVPN offers three plans- a three-year plan that costs $1.67 per month, a 1.5-year plan for $2.5, and a two-month plan costing $6.67. Moreover, a 30 days money-back guarantee is also available. 

Try VyprVPN for a 30-day free trial

7. Does VyprVPN VPN support all platforms and devices?

Dedicated apps are at hand for:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • QNAP
  • Anonabox
  • Smart TVs
  • Blackphone.

Apart from that, you can also set up the VPN client in Chromebooks, Linux, Blackberry, Synology NAS, OpenELEC, Android TV, Apple TV, and via DD-WRT, AsusWRT, OpenWRT, and more.

Unfortunately, the VPN doesn’t provide you with any browser extensions. 

8. What’s our verdict?

VyprVPN VPN is fast enough to do your daily tasks. Plus, it unblocks all major streaming sites. It is an excellent choice for gaming. Interface across different platforms is easy-to-use and convenient to navigate.

There are issues, such as slow server speeds, irregular functioning of the kill switch feature, and less number of servers across the globe. But every VPN lacks something, and VyprVPN is no different. 

Overall, we rate VyprVPN VPN 8.2 / 10.0* and recommend its 3-year plan. Give it a shot with a 30-day risk-free guarantee!

VyprVPN review

Privacy and Logging Policy

VyprVPN No Logs Policy
VyprVPN No Logs Policy

We are more than happy to tell you that the popular VPN lies outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14 eyes alliance and is not liable to share its user’s online activities with the government authorities. 

The VPN is based in a privacy-friendly Switzerland which doesn’t have any specific data retention laws. Therefore, the Swiss government can’t pressurize the provider to keep your logs. Moreover, the company itself has adopted a strict no-logs policy about which we have discussed below. 

Does VyprVPN keep your logs?

No, VyprVPN doesn’t keep your logs at all. As of now, it doesn’t keep records of the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of its users. 

Initially, the VPN provider’s privacy policy wasn’t much clear and they were recording some metadata like the original IP address, VPN’s IP address used by a particular user, and the connection time. But since the VPN has revamped its privacy policy in 2018, it has stopped retaining such logs. 

VyprVPN has now become a zero logs service. However, it records some basic account information of their users including their names, addresses, payment information, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. 

Third-party audits

Another trend in the VPN industry is third-party audits. Third-party audits give a sense of confidence and reaffirm trust in the VPN provider. Some VPN providers regularly publish third-party audit reports, whereas other VPN companies completely reject this idea. 

VyprVPN falls in the former and has conducted a third-party independent audit on its logging policies. In 2018, Leviathan Security Group, an independent cybersecurity company performed the audit only to find that the VPN company doesn’t log their user’s activities. 

As third-party audits enhance the VPN’s credibility and reassure the trust in the company, we would like to see more such audits by VyprVPN in the near future. 

Does VyprVPN unblock Netflix and other streaming services? 

VyprVPN Streaming
VyprVPN Streaming

Streaming services are getting better and better to detect VPN connections. Average VPN can’t get through the geo-restrictions walls and fails to access blocked content. However, to my surprise, VyprVPN unblocked Netflix and other streaming sites as if it were no big deal. 

Unlike other VPNs, it offers no specific servers to access region-locked content. Instead of this, you can pick any server and start streaming. And if a connected server doesn’t work, try another one, and it’ll most likely do the job nicely.

BBC iPlayer and Netflix have the most advanced systems in place to spot VPN connections. To measure VPN service’s unblocking abilities, accessing Netflix and BBC iPlayer restricted content is considered a landmark. 

VyprVPN has hit the landmark and allowed us to stream various Netflix libraries, including the US, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, and India. It also got us into:

  • BBC iPlayer
  • Disney Plus
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max and
  • Geo-blocked YouTube videos. 

A handful of VPNs achieve 100% success while being tested to unblock restricted content, and VyprVPN is included in that list.

It is fast as blazing speed; therefore, the whole streaming experience was seamless during the VyprVPN review 2021 test and involved no lag, buffering, or pixelated images. You can watch HD quality limitlessly and effortlessly as per our test results.

Is VyprVPN good for torrenting?

VyprVPN Torrenting
VyprVPN Torrenting

If you frequently download heavy torrent files, you’re in good luck with VyprVPN. It supports torrenting on every platform, mainly Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. Like most VPNs, it has no bandwidth or data cap restrictions. 

Additionally, while P2P filesharing, the VPN provider doesn’t throttle the connection. To put it simply, VyprVPN is pretty fast for torrenting. We downloaded torrent files from the faraway servers, and the VPN service didn’t let us down. 

Another good news is that all of its servers are optimized for P2P filesharing, which means you don’t have to rely on the hit and trial method or contact the support team to identify the P2P-supported server.

Torrenting involves a lot of risks. For instance, a file sharer can discover your actual IP address and location. Furthermore, your ISP can most likely throttle the connection when knowing you’re downloading heavy torrent files. By doing this, he’ll maintain the speed for other users and save data. 

Therefore, torrent-supported VPN is imperative for safe and fast P2P activity, and VyprVPN is one of the top picks for this matter. 

Lastly, suppose you find yourself in trouble or don’t know where and how to start a torrent activity. In that case, the official support site has simple guides and articles about setting you up for a hustle-free torrenting experience with VyprVPN. 

All in all, its blazing speed will save you considerable time, which you would spend otherwise waiting to download large torrent files.

Is VyprVPN fast? 

VyprVPN Speed
VyprVPN Speed

Speed loss is unavoidable with the VPN connection. During VPN connection, speed reduces because your data is routed to the VPN server, and from there, it reaches the final destination. 

Now just give a thought, your VPN service streams content with lag and buffering, takes hours to download or upload files, and spends significant time loading web pages. It’ll make your skin crawl and turn your face red with anger.

Considering that, it’s most crucial to check the VPN’s speed before making a purchase. For this VyprVPN review 2021, we rigorously tested the speed with local, nearby, and farther servers. 

There are three parameters through which performance is measured. First is ping rate (the time page takes to load when requested). It’s calculated in milliseconds. The lower your ping, the faster the web page will load.

The second and third parameters are downloading and uploading speed results. They both are calculated in megabits per second.

My internet speed without a VPN is 220 Mbps for both downloading and uploading. When I connected to VyprVPN’s US servers, the speed got reduced to 136 Mbps and 125 Mbps respectively. 

The speed loss is quite large when compared to what we have seen with the industry giants like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. But this isn’t horrible at all. I mean, the speeds are decent enough to do all your daily tasks and enjoy Netflix in high quality. However, we do expect more in this price range. 

How much does VyprVPN cost? 

VyprVPN Price
VyprVPN Price

VyprVPN has got three amazing plans for you. It will cost you 1.67 USD per month when paid for 3 years upfront. Moreover, a 12-month free plan is also included in it. The other two plans are 2.5 USD per month for 1.5 years with 6 months free and 6.67 USD for 2 months with a month service complimentary. 

Not to mention that all these plans come up with a 30 days money refundable policy. You can get your money back in case you don’t enjoy its services. 

You can pay the price using credit cards, Amazon Pay, Alipay, and Paypal. The only real downside is that the company doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies. This is a genuine area of concern for those who like to maintain complete privacy online. 

Is VyprVPN safe to use? 

Protecting user’s data and online activity is the prime job of the VPN. VPN security systems should be of the highest level so that nobody can’t poke their nose into your online world. For this reason, we’ve strictly scrutinized all the security checkmarks, and here’s what we found:

Kill Switch

Kill Switch revokes internet access if the VPN connection disconnects unexpectedly. Say you’re downloading a torrent file, and in the middle of it, the VPN connection disconnects. Kill Switch will immediately stop your device from accessing the internet and resume it as soon as the VPN connection reestablishes. 

Without Kill Switch, the real IP address can get exposed to the site you’re visiting. Not just that, ISP can also figure out your VPN connection and online activity. Basically, without this feature, your online activity isn’t fully secured. 

Luckily, VyprVPN provides a Kill Switch feature for its Windows, Mac, and Android users. We tested Kill Switch, and it worked flawlessly.

Split Tunneling

Split-tunneling A.K.A. Whitelister creates two tunnels. Through the first tunnel, selected applications will always connect with the VPN. With the second tunnel, unselected applications will go online without a VPN connection. 

This feature is nice to have. For instance, you wish to create a VPN connection for BBC iPlayer and Netflix, whereas you want to connect your bank and Spotify applications through your real IP address. With split-tunneling, you don’t have to switch on and off VPN each time. 

Your Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu will always use a VPN connection without manually turning VPN on. Whereas bank and Spotify applications will always connect through real IP regardless VPN connection is on or off. 

Split-tunneling, also known as Connection per app (in the case of VyprVPN), is available for Mac and Android users. As the VPN doesn’t have any browser extensions, you can’t use this feature on websites. 

DNS and WebRTC leak protection 

It’s expected that VPN service will mask the real IP and prevent DNS leaking. In case of DNS or WebRTC leaking, your traffic and data are vulnerable. ISP, government, and accessed domains can know about your VPN connection and online activity due to the DNS and WebRTC leaking. 

Considering this, we extensively tested to find the answer to whether VyprVPN VPN is safe or not. Results on IPLeak, ipleak.net, DNS Leak Test, Do I Leak, and Browser Leaks confirmed no DNS or IP and WebRTC leak. It passed both tests with flying colors. 

Server network and server locations 

VyprVPN Server
VyprVPN Server

VyprVPN runs 700+ servers across 60+ countries. ExpressVPN leads the market in terms of locations with servers in 94 countries. Cyberghost VPN has the most extensive fleet with 6800 servers. 

Having more servers doesn’t necessarily mean better service. It is one of the factors that ensure fast, safe, and reliable service. Strategic placement of servers, server capacity and load handling, and a combination of other features are deciding factors, too.

Servers in 60+ countries mean you’ll have better odds to find a server close to your location wherever you go. This would ultimately provide a stable and speedy connection. Additionally, more countries mean more options to spoof your location.

VyprVPN has also built a server structure in the countries with internet-repressive policies, for instance, China, Turkey, Russia, and Vietnam. The company deserves an appreciation for this accomplishment. 

VPN provider doesn’t stop here. It offers servers in the regions which many VPNs ignore due to the heavy costing. These are Africa and South America. With regard to the server network, VyprVPN is trustworthy.

Let’s talk about virtual servers. These are software-defined servers. A single physical server can configure multiple virtual servers. The catch is that the VPN provider can set the virtual server’s location as per its choice. For example, the USA’s physical server can configure virtual servers displaying their locations in Canada, Mexico, and even Guatemala. 

The idea of virtual servers isn’t bad. They help to manage load and configure places that are dangerous for server infostructure. However, it’s misleading if the VPN provider doesn’t categorically tell the exact numbers and locations of virtual servers. 

With VyprVPN, we don’t get enough information regarding these virtual servers. VPN provider doesn’t share their real or virtual places, exact numbers, and any other detail. This lack of info is somewhat disappointing. 

For instance, you connect to the Canada server and don’t want your data to be routed from the US territory. But what if your connected server is virtual, which is originally hosted in the US? Consequently, your data might be subjected to US laws. Yes, for most users, that won’t be the issue, but for some, this might be alarming.

Security and protocols

OpenVPN has been a consistent and industry-standard protocol. It offers protection along with fast speed. It’s an open-source protocol, so experts can independently test codes, point the flaws, and fix errors.

WireGuard is a new player that has outdone OpenVPN. It’s faster than OpenVPN, securer, and safer. Like OpenVPN, WireGuard is also an open-source protocol. However, WireGuard hasn’t seen widespread adoption yet, but the future certainly belongs to it.

We were delighted to see both protocols in VyprVPN. Apart from that, the company also uses its own Chameleon protocol based on Proprietary Technology. The technology is extremely effective in unblocking high internet censorship in countries like China and Russia. 

In this VyprVPN review, we can safely state that VyprVPN’s security protocols are safe and speedy. It is safe to use with Chameleon protocol. The chameleon protocol is one of the core factors that make VyprVPN the best among the competition. 

Is VyprVPN’s customer support any good? 

VyprVPN’s customer support isn’t just limited to email and live chat support. In fact, sending an email is the last option to be left out with. The site has a huge selection of FAQs to help you out with the basic problems that arise while setting up the client. 

However, similar to some other VPN providers, the VyprVPN FAQs lack detailed explanations as the company preassumes that the user already knows what he wants. 

It also has a live chat option that responded in minutes after receiving our query. The support agent was quick enough to answer and gave us a detailed explanation regarding our doubt. Lastly, you also have another option to drop your email in case all these things don’t work. 

VyprVPN review: FAQs 

How good are VyprVPN’s desktop apps?

VyprVPN has easy-to-operate Windows and Mac clients. Downloading to configuring to navigating, both clients are ahead of the competition. VPN connection starts inside 2 seconds, which is fastest than all the VPNs that we’ve tested so far. 

Upon connecting, you’ll see your connection state and the preferred server’s location. A client wouldn’t bombard you with all the information; instead, it shows what’s relevant and required. The setting section doesn’t use confusing terms, and advanced users and beginners can clearly perform desired actions. 

Overall, VyprVPN VPN has excellent Windows and Mac clients, and it deserves applause for this exceptional software designing.

How good are VyprVPN’s mobile apps?

Both apps – Android and iOS – have everything you need to connect to the internet safely. Both apps have all-important features. However, the iOS app lacks a few functionalities such as Kill Switch. 

All in all, VyprVPN has slightly different interfaces across the platforms, but all of the interfaces are comfortable to use and easy to understand.

Does VyprVPN offer Tor anonymization?

Nope. VyprVPN doesn’t have Tor compatibility. This means you can’t use VyprVPN with the Tor browser for additional safety. Having said this, VyprVPN is safe even without Tor compatibility. Only a handful of VPNs offer Tor over VPN.

Does VyprVPN provide a multi-hop feature?

Although many folks don’t need to use a multi-hop feature, it’s the must-to-have feature for a few. In multi-hop, your traffic is routed to two servers instead of one. After that, it reaches the final destination (requested web page). Unfortunately, VyprVPN doesn’t offer multi-hop.

Does VyprVPN VPN work in China?

Yes. The VPN’s custom protocol is specialized in bypassing internet restrictions including the great firewall of China. Its proprietary technology escapes Chinese Deep Packet Inspection by masking its VPN traffic. 

Does VyprVPN have Kill Switch?

Yes, for Windows, Macs, and Android devices, VyprVPN offers Kill Switch. It revokes the device’s internet connection if the VPN disconnects suddenly. This way, IP leakages are prevented.

Does VyprVPN have split tunneling?

Split tunneling creates two tunnels, one for VPN connection and the second for non-VPN traffic. VyprVPN offers split tunneling for Macs and Android devices.

Is VyprVPN the fastest?

Of all the things we loved about VyprVPN, internet speed was not one of them. It is certainly not the fastest VPN out there. 

The Bottom Line

VyprVPN isn’t the fastest VPN out there. But if you’re looking for a VPN that enables you to access geo-blocked content in high internet censorship areas, look no further than VyprVPN. 

Overall, VyprVPN is a good buy considering its security features and its ability to bypass rigorous geo-restrictions in countries like China. 

Try VyprVPN for a 30-day free trial

Disclosure Policy

Thedarkweb.co uses affiliate links, and we may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no additional cost to you. The commissions help us keep testing VPN services to suggest the best pick according to your needs. 

All experts are paid separately, and the website doesn’t share any percentage of commission with writers to ensure honest and unbiased opinions.


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